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April 18, 2024

Invitation: Healthcare Excellence Forum

Hello MEDIC West Africa Exhibitors, Policymakers, Government officials, healthcare professionals, private sector representatives, value chain experts, state actors, and delegates. ACIOE Associates is pleased to invite you to a specially curated high-level Healthcare Excellence Forum, where we will host state governors across Nigeria to discuss Pathways to Unlocking the Healthcare Value Chain at the Sub-national […]

March 28, 2024


  The digital gender gap, often termed the digital gender divide, highlights disparities in technology and internet access between different demographic groups. In Nigeria, this gap disproportionately affects girls and women due to challenges related to affordability, access, digital literacy norms, and safety and security. Gender stereotypes perpetuate the notion that technology is primarily for […]

November 30, 2023

The ACIOE Design Sprint Showcase Event 2023

In collaboration with the Edo State Government, ACIOE Associates conducted the Design Sprint Showcase Event in Edo State. The aim of the event was to help the public services evaluate the use of digital tools and processes which would eventually evolve into policies that would advance advocacy at different levels of decision making. The Design […]

October 24, 2023

ACIOE Associates Leads Change Agents Network Through Digital Transformation in Edo State

Establishing an effective and professional workforce in Edo State’s civil and public service, paying attention to the satisfaction and efficiency of its workers was the crux of the ACIOE Associates and partners powered 4-day Digital Sprint Design. The journey began with the objective to uncover a challenge that would create a significant impact with crafted […]

October 12, 2023

Celebrating Empowerment and Advocacy on the International Day of the Girl Child 2023

The ACIOE team was privileged to spend a day with the spirited young women at a public school in Abuja to mark and celebrate the International Day of the Girl Child 2023. Our outreach was not just a celebration, but an educational initiative. Through breakout sessions, these young minds delved into understanding a girl’s rights, […]

October 4, 2023

Culture and Diversity Day 2023 at ACIOE Associates

When people from diverse cultures work together, they bring with them a wealth of different perspectives, skills, and experiences. This allows learning from each other, solving problems more effectively, and creating a more vibrant and inclusive space. ACIOE Associates held its maiden cultural and diversity day celebration on Tuesday 3rd October 2023. The event was […]

March 31, 2023

Human Resources for Health Challenges and Universal Health Coverage in Nigeria

Health systems function best with the right mix of adequate numbers of health workers. Improving health service coverage and realizing the right to the highest attainable standard of health depends on availability, accessibility, acceptability, and quality . The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates a projected shortfall of 10 million health workers by 2030, mostly in […]

October 18, 2022

ACIOE/Lagos State Webinar-Universal Health Coverage through Primary Health Care (PHC) Revitalization in Lagos State

To promote Universal Health Coverage in Nigeria, ACIOE Associates, in collaboration with the Lagos State Ministry of Health (LSMoH), is planning to hold a webinar focusing on the PHCUOR policy. The maiden edition of the webinar will wrap around the first pillar of the policy: Governance and Ownership with a focus on the Lagos State […]

July 19, 2022

Capacity Building Workshop on Private Sector Engagement (PSE) for SCALE Advocacy Clusters

On June 18 2022, ACIOE, with the support of the United States Strengthening Civic Advocacy and Local Engagement (SCALE), a resource partner to Palladium, held a Capacity Building Workshop on Private Sector Engagement (PSE) for SCALE Advocacy Clusters at Royal Continental Hotel, Abuja. The training objective was to help participants to understand and appreciate: Private […]

March 31, 2022

Workshop Two: Participatory Planning for localization of Family Planning & Maternal Newborn and Child Health (FP/MNCH) Advocacy and Communication in Nigeria

ACIOE ASSOCIATES hosted its second workshop on promoting local ownership of Family planning and Maternal newborn & Child Health advocacy and communication. The stakeholders convened were drawn from critical political, social and development sectors to provide thought leadership and feedback on the proposed advocacy and communication plans.

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