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The ACIOE Design Sprint Showcase Event 2023

In collaboration with the Edo State Government, ACIOE Associates conducted the Design Sprint Showcase Event in Edo State. The aim of the event was to help the public services evaluate the use of digital tools and processes which would eventually evolve into policies that would advance advocacy at different levels of decision making.

The Design Sprint Series 3 culminated with the Showcase Event on November 23, 2023, after 5-hour daily sessions which commenced on the 20th of November. This intensive four-day program brought together three groups of Change Agents from the Edo State Civil and Public Service, each of which had over eight individuals from various Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs). The emphasis was on promptly recognizing and addressing key issues within MDAs and Edo State as a whole, while also encouraging creativity and collaboration.

ACIOE Associates managing partner Ekenem Isichei was present at the event, also attending was the Commissioner for Housing, Urban and Regional Planning & Development, Mrs Isoken Omo, and the Commissioner for Arts and Culture, Chief. Mrs. Uyi Malaka, Special Adviser to the Edo State Governor on Strategy, Policy, Project, and Performance Management, Mrs. Sarah Ajose-Adeogun, several heads of MDAs, Permanent Secretaries, Directors, mid and junior level civil and public servants.

Facilitators, Co-facilitators, and Co-designers were awarded certificates their participation levels. These certificates do not only recognize their efforts but also contributes to their routine performance evaluations for future career growth.

This Design Sprint Series was a dynamic collaboration, translating challenges into innovative solutions and fostering a culture of proactive problem-solving within Edo State’s public service.

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