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MedLab West Africa Healthcare exhibitions at the Landmark Event Center Lagos, Nigeria

ACIOE Associates hosted high-level roundtable healthcare forums at the recently concluded Medic West Africa and MedLab West Africa Healthcare exhibitions at the Landmark Event Center Lagos, Nigeria.

The Healthcare Excellence Forum was a pivotal platform for discussing strategies to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare systems at the state level in Nigeria. The forum drew insights from successful practices across diverse sectors and explored innovative approaches to enhance healthcare delivery to the last mile.

Members of the high-level discussion included Dr. Abdu Mukhtar, National Coordinator of Presidential Initiative for Unlocking the Healthcare Value Chain, Prof. Baba Gana, Commissioner of Health Borno state, Dr. Cletus Shurkuk Commissioner of Health Plateau state, Dr. Bordiya Buma Commissioner of Health Taraba State, Dr. Amina El-Imam Commissioner of Health Kwara state, Dr. Umma Kaltume Ahmed Commissioner of health Kaduna state, Dr. Asabe Balarebe Commissioner of Health Sokoto state, Prof. Christopher Yilgwan Sabo representative of the governor of Plateau state, Mrs. Cordelia Emeka Nwachukwu representative of the Minister of Trade and Investment, Dr. Daniel Gyan representative of the minister of health Ghana, Dr. Afam Obidike Commissioner of Health Anambra state, Prof. Emmanuel Ikechukwu Obi Commissioner of Health Enugu state, among other honorable commissioners of health, CEOs, and stakeholders in the healthcare sector.

Dr. Abdu Mukhtar discussed the critical role the states must play to unlock the healthcare value chain; he highlighted that responsiveness to investors must be prioritized, as well as attention to ease of business indicators and incentives to encourage and facilitate collaboration and partnership between investors and the states.

The state commissioners discussed underway projects undertaken by the state governments, indicating their preparedness to welcome investors and pledged their commitment to ensure ease of business as the states collaboratively work towards unlocking the value chain at the sub-national levels in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and laboratories.

The Medic West Africa 2024 also featured the Leaders Forum comprising Global CEOs, Business leaders, and key stakeholders in the health space to explore areas for potential partnership and collaborate with High-level CEOs, Investors, and Ministers of Health from other West African countries to build an improved healthcare system and drive medical investment into Nigeria and the West African region.

Thanks to the Nigeria Health Watch for co-hosting the Medlab Healthcare Excellence Forum.

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