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Beyond COVID 19: A Case For Urban Farming

As part of our BEYOND COVID 19: AGRICULTURAL INSIGHTS series, this article analyzes the viability of URBAN FARMING as a scalable solution to food security challenges in our urban centers.

The Agricultural sector like most key sectors has had its fair share of supply-oriented challenges. The Pandemic has harshly exposed the gaps in the supply chains of most commodities which had hitherto relied on rural production and supply infrastructure to meet urban household and peri-urban industry demands.

With an urban population of 51.2% and rapidly increasing at 4.3% annually, the absolute reliance on rural production to meet urban food demand in Nigeria has been exposed as being unsustainable, and vulnerable to supply related shocks.

Key takeaways from the publication include:

  • Highlights the various types of Urban Farming techniques.
  • Analyses the socio-economic benefits Urban Farming portends in the Nigerian context.
  • Identifies the challenges, and limitations of adopting various urban farming techniques.
  • Proffers recommendations on policies and actionable steps to enable scale adaptation.
  • A Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis to give an objective insight into the viability of Urban Farming in Nigeria.


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