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Beyond Covid 19: How Do We Feed Our Cities and Industries

This article aims to highlight the challenges and implications of COVID-19 in the agricultural sector in Nigeria. Using current industry trends, consultations with various stakeholders across value chains, and present policy implications, a forecast of the expected challenges to the agricultural sector with an emphasis on food security has been compiled. The forecast breaks down the effects of the pandemic on the agricultural sector in the short, medium and long terms, to identify viable opportunities and proffer innovative solutions to remedy the challenges that may arise in the event of a prolonged pandemic.

The main challenges identified in the report include; logistical challenges, Farmer apprehension as it relates to the planting season, the purchasing power of customers being negatively affected, inflation on agricultural inputs, and security threats to agricultural assets. Some key innovations recommended include; e-commerce, mobile markets/dispatch, logistical partnerships/digitized logistics, cold chain systems, smart farming, urban farming, agricultural asset security, agrochemicals production, and standardized consumables.

The report shows that the COVID-19 epidemic while having implications on socioeconomic activities, has made food security a top priority. Providing ample opportunities to explore sustainable remedies to the challenges facing the agricultural sector in Nigeria.


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