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ACIOE at The Future of Health 2023 Conference

ACIOE Associates was actively represented at the 2023 Future of Health Conference which recently held in Lagos. ACIOE sponsored this year’s conference organized by the Nigerian Health Watch. This year marked the 9th edition of the annual conference, the theme for this year was “Private Sector as a Catalyst for a Resilient Health System”  The event emphasized the pivotal role of partnerships and collaborations with the private  sector in advancing healthcare and the quality of our health system.

In  Nigeria, the doctor-to-patient ratio is 1:9000, and life expectancy stands at 53 for men and 55 for women, underscoring the pressing need for healthcare improvement. Strengthening the private sectors involvement is a crucial step towards enhancing our healthcare system. Inconsistent engagement with the private health sector has hindered  the overall progress. To this we must prioritize policy development and regulations that will foster a conducive environment for collaboration between the private and public health sectors thereby creating a system where quality health care and health care services will thrive.

The Private sector’s contribution extends beyond financial support; it involves generating innovative ideas, capacity building, operational strategies and partnerships.  As highlighted during one of the engaging sessions moderated by Mr. Ekenem Isichei, Managing Partner at ACIOE Associates, the way forward is a mixed healthcare system that combines the strengths of both the private and public sectors. This collaboration would drive the transformation we aspire to see and help build a resilient health system.

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