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Elon Musk’s Broadband Foray and The Implication of Bridging Access

No one invests without an objective, without a strategy or a goal. No one. And with this in perspective, the world watches in awe as the daring Elon Musk leads his aerospace company. SpaceX into a venture beyond earth, into a business place where eagles dare It’s an outer space venture attracting huge investments Space X spends hundreds of millions of dollars on this revolutionary venture, creating and managing rocket engines, launch vehicles, dragon capsules, ASDS landing platforms, and Starlink products from its two primary orbit rocket launch and satellite services.

Our focus in this piece is on Starlink one product, that like Bitcoin, may win the allure of the masses and war against the norms of traditional and institutional legacy systems. Since the advancement of Web 2.0 technologies in the ‘90 s, which allowed businesses to leverage the Internet to reach audiences beyond national borders, Internet access has boomed.

According to the ITU, an estimated 4 1 billion people were using the Internet in 2019 It states that the global penetration rate increased from 17 in 2005 to over 53 in 2019. And as more people access the Internet for use, it becomes more of a critical utility service like water, electricity, and gas. Despite growing Internet usage and penetration levels that have seen some countries reach saturation levels, disparities remain across countries. These disparities hinge on access and affordability, stemming from various reasons, such as a lack of terrestrial distribution and last mile infrastructure to high rights-of- way (RoW) costs, inefficient spectrum management, etc.


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