Vershima Tingir

/ Project Manager II

Vershima is a dynamic change driver who excels in bringing together diverse teams to drive innovative and transformative reforms in the public service sector. His expertise lies in effectively bridging the gap between people and technology, utilizing both to create practical solutions to real-world problems faced by individuals and society as a whole.

Notably, Vershima played a crucial role in the revamping of the NOCOPO portal for the Nigeria Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP). This initiative resulted in streamlining procurement processes, increasing transparency, and ensuring better utilization of public funds. Additionally, his collaboration with the Nigeria Population Commission (NPC) in designing and testing the eCRVS (Electronic Civil Registration and Vital Statistics) solution for deployment in 774 Local Government Areas (LGAs) in Nigeria showcases his commitment to leveraging digital technology to enhance civil registration systems, thereby facilitating essential services like birth and death registration.