Semira Yesufu

/ Service Designer

Semira Yesufu is a designer skilled at creating seamless and functional experiences that serve all users; consumers, businesses, and employees.

Over the years, she has leveraged design and innovative strategies to drive and scale several businesses and startups in both African emerging markets and the United States.

Semira’s experiences cut across a diverse range of industries, including Fintech, SaaS, Web3, and Government Enterprise, where she has designed user-centric solutions used by millions of people and hundreds of businesses.

Notably, Semira’s expertise extends beyond professional endeavours; she is also a dedicated advocate for diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. She has actively contributed to and been a part of female-driven communities such as Google Women Techmakers and Women Talk Design.

She is also the founder of Path4Her, a female-centred platform that aims to spotlight non-technical opportunities in the technology space for young women and teenage girls.