Oluwaseyi Ojo

/ Finance and Compliance Analyst

 Oluwaseyi has over seven years of financial and auditing expertise in telecom, insurance, publishing, and IT. He is an ACCA strategic-level candidate with an expert understanding of accounting, financial management, data analysis, budgeting, financial reporting, reconciliation, compliance, and payment processing/control.

His coordination, multitasking, and problem-solving skills enhance his expertise as he efficiently conveys financial information to high leadership and builds excellent internal and external partnerships. His passion is exceeding customer and company expectations and creating win-win outcomes. As an internal auditor for a major telecoms business, he saved over N200 million in operations and network maintenance expenditures.

Oluwaseyi is presently a Financial and Compliance Officer at ACIOE Associates, where he oversees the organization’s accounting, budgeting, financial analysis, reporting, tax compliance, payables, and receivables.