Hadizah Tijani

/ Health Analyst

Hadizah Tijani is a Health Analyst at ACIOE associates. She is a versatile Research Scientist with a track record in supporting organizations on research and programmatic data collection, collation and analysis. She has competence in the Family Planning program intervention space. While supporting “Track 20 project”, Hadizah contributed immensely to the planning of State level Family Planning (FP) consensus meetings; data collection and collation for the national composite index on FP survey, she also took part in the data monitoring and evaluation related activities.

Hadizah worked on the Post Pregnancy Family Planning (PPFP) project as a Research Assistant where she conducted baseline surveys on FP service providers, pregnant and post-pregnant women in supported private health facilities in Lagos State. At ACIOE Hadizah conducts background research, collates data and generates reports within the health sector. Hadizah holds Bachelor’s Degree in Cell Biology and Genetics from the University of Lagos.